Drop shipping automation software

Joined up drop shipping automation software to accelerate workflows, minimize sales and accounting administration, and stay organized. 

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Our dropship automation software gives you speed and simplicity out of the box. Not only is our order management software easy to learn and use, but depending upon your situation it’s possible you can deploy our our cloud based ERP system in days.

Ecommerce drop shipping is multichannel

Our dropship automation software makes it simple and fast to capture and process dropship orders from multiple channels like:

  • EDI
  • Shopify
  • Amazon Seller
  • Amazon FBA
  • Big Commerce,
  • Magento,
  • Woocommerce,
  • Phone
  • Email.

It takes minutes to connect and start receiving orders from your online stores into our cloud based ERP system. We have out of the box connectors, and EDI connectivity via SPS Commerce.

Adaptable drop shipping automation workflow

The order management software for wholesaler’s workflows can be adapted to fit the way(s) that work best for you.

You can customize each transaction document to capture and present the information in the format you need.

Admin users can:

  • Add custom fields to each type of transaction documents. Custom fields appear in Lists and Reports. Custom fields can be linked to inherit values from Parent Documents. For example, a custom field on a Sales Quote can be configured to inherit from a Sales Order.
  • Customize on-screen and printed document templates.

How and in what order you run your dropship automation workflows is entirely up to you. Here’s an example drop shipping automation workflow:

T1 Sales: Prepare and email Sales Quotes

Salespeople can rapidly prepare quotes. Sales Quotes automatically inherit customer profile data, i.e. Customer name, contact, terms, tax code, shipping, and billing addresses.

Whether or not the Item is in your catalog, you can look up or quickly create the Item master in our drop shipping automation software. Item masters allow you to capture and store selling, purchasing, stock, accounting, and other useful types of data.

Purchasing data can include a list of preferred suppliers, last known cost, minimum order quantities, lead times, and vendor part numbers. As well as being used in the quotation process, this data is used by the dropship automation.

Margin calculation can be automated, prepopulated unit cost and price can be edited, and discounts can be calculated and recorded. If need be, you can turn on and review quoted price history.

Sales quotes can be attached and emailed in just two clicks. Easy to create and adapt email templates to streamline and standardize communications can increase sales productivity and reduce embarrassing errors.

Sales Quotes can be presented for customer approval in the self-service Trade Acceleration Portal (TAP).

T2 Fulfillment: Sales Quote to Sales Order

Rapid Sales Order creation: Because of transaction inheritance, with just a couple of clicks, salespeople can quickly create one or more Sales Orders from the Sales Quote to match what the customer has approved. The master data from the Sales Quote is pre-populated onto the child Sales Order(s).

Quote to Order history: The resulting Sales Orders are automatically linked back to the original Sales Quote. The Sales Quote stores a history of the Sales Order(s). This makes it super easy for users to review the status and contents of each related Sales Order.

T2 Fulfillment: Sales Order to Purchase Orders

Rapid Dropship Purchase Order creation: Either from the Sales Order or from the Sales Order List, users can produce the respective Purchase Orders to the commensurate Suppliers. The dropship automation populates the Purchase Orders with the master and line Item data.

The right supplier and contact: Because the built-in preferred supplier function on Items stores the Supplier references and details the Purchase Orders are set up to contain all of the details needed. From the Purchase Orders, the user can immediately email the Purchase Orders to their respective Suppliers and the right contact.

End Customer Shipping addresses: The Purchase Order inherits the corresponding Shipping address from the Sales Order.

Respective Purchase Order history: Because the dropship automation ensures Sales Orders automatically link and contain references to the respective Purchase Orders. Users can quickly look up and review each Purchase Order and its status.

T3 Fulfillment: Shipment notification

Multiple Supplier Shipment and Item tracking: the drop shipping automation software enables users to track line item shipments from one or multiple suppliers.

As you receive updates from the Supplier(s), you can create and email Shipment notifications with PDF Delivery notes.

Shipping method and tracking number: Shipments can record Shipping vendor, method, and tracking number. These are automatically populated onto the Delivery notes.

T3 Accounts Receivable: Send and track Customer Invoices

Individually or bulk create and email Sales Invoices: Depending upon your volume of orders or the organization of your processes, the dropship automation can leverage the bulk invoicing and emailing of dropship Sales Orders.

From the Sales Order List, users can detect and sort dropship Sales Orders with a status of ‘Open’ or ‘Partially fulfilled’, to automatically create the corresponding Sales Invoices.

“Because of the harmonious union of sales, fulfillment, and accounting functions in our order management software for wholesalers, end to end tasks can be completed by users efficiently.”

One system for drop shipping workflow automation and superior efficiency.

Joined up workflow: Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Supplier, and Customer payments are linked together in our cloud based ERP system. This means users can swiftly track and review the entire drop ship automation workflow.

Bulk sending of Sales Invoices (and reminders): From the Sales Invoice List, the user can sort and select Sales Invoices, and automatically bulk email all of them to the respective customer’s accounts payable or billing contact.

Detailed print and email event tracking: Each Document in the Sales and Purchasing workflow is updated with the time and date a transaction document is emailed or printed.

T3 Accounts Payable: Record Supplier Invoices

Rapid Purchase Invoice entry: Accounts Payable teams can efficiently record each Supplier Invoices as it arrives. Because of the automation, users can select each Purchase Order, and with just two clicks create the respective Bill (Purchase Invoice).

Multiple Purchase Invoices from one Purchase Order: If Supplier shipments to the end customer are skewed or partial, and the Supplier sends the individual invoices for each shipment, users can select Line Items to and create and record the respective Purchase Invoices.

T4 Accounts Receivable: Customer Payments

Track Customer Payments: Your Accounts Receivable team can manage and track payments in our order management software. Regardless of how you receive payments, you can specify the payment method and bank account details as you record each payment.

Card and ACH Payments: Our cloud ERP solution is integrated with popular payment gateways, such as Paypal, Authorize.net, and USAePay. We’re also integrated with Cybersource and Paragon payment processors. All of these can process card payments, whereas the Paragon Solutions integration offers ACH (eCheck) payments.

Upfront and early payments: You can apply deposits and pre-payments and automatically recognize and apply early payment discounts.

You can apply Customer Payments to one or multiple Sales Invoices. You can issue and apply Credit Notes, and issue Sales Refunds.

Cash and e-commerce sales: The ecommerce order management software can also process ‘Cash Sales (a.k.a. Sales Receipts). The dropship automation can automate the creation of corresponding cash sales transactions from ecommerce channels.


T4 Accounts Payable: Supplier Payments

Your Accounts Payable team can manage and track Supplier payments in our cloud based ERP system. Regardless of how you make payments, you can specify the payment method and bank account details as you record and issue each payment.

Bulk record Supplier payments: You can apply Supplier Payments to one or multiple Purchase Invoices, whether they be from one or multiple Suppliers. You can issue and apply Supplier Credit Notes, and record refunds from Suppliers.


Drop shipping automation software to speed up processes, eliminate effort and kill errors

Our drop shipping order management software automates much of the sales, fulfillment and accounting processes in your dropship workflows.

For example, a Sales Order automatically inherits profile information from a Customer, and a Sales Invoice automatically inherits information from a Sales Order.

This automated transaction inheritance cuts user effort, accelerates information entry, and eliminates errors.

Joined up drop shipping automation software

Because transactions in our cloud ERP solution have Parent/Child relationships you can easily track and follow their lineage via links embedded in each transaction. 

From the Transactions tab on Customer and Supplier masters users can quickly review lists of transactions and drill down on each transaction. 

Users can bookmark transactions to make it reviews and analysis fast and easy. 

Each Parent Document with subsequent transactions has a Transactions tab which enables users to quickly review child, subsequent transactions in the Dropship workflow.