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Reach for the stars with Salesorder and Microsoft Power BI

Discover your North Star in your data with this match made in heaven. Build a self-service data culture where business decisions are based on facts, not opinions.

#1 Industry Leader

For the 14th consecutive year Microsoft has been positioned as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. For the third year, Microsoft is positioned furthest to the right for completeness of vision and furthest up in the ability to execute within the Leaders’ quadrant.

Self service, gives Excel superpowers

Microsoft Power BI is a self-service business intelligence solution that lets you manipulate and analyze your Salesorder data and data from sources such as Excel.

Microsoft has done an outstanding job with the Ex cel connectivity, which enables you to connect to your existing Excel sheets and manipulate and analyze your Excel data in so many new ways.

Easy to learn and adopt

Many of our users have reported Power BI has a shorter learning curve than Excel. Power BI is easy for users of all backgrounds to learn. It comes with an abundance of helpful learning materials to get your team up and running quickly. Metrics can even be queried using natural language. Users can type a question and the platform provides the answer in the form of an interactive chart or graph.

Easy to use and share anywhere

Power BI enables users to author reports using intuitive drag-and-drop tools, publish visualizations and collaborate with Office 365 users and others using the online Power BI service.

Power BI desktop can be used to create and distribute content for free while the web service can be used to monitor key data and share dashboards. The desktop version for Windows provides local data mashup and report authoring features.

For a monthly fee a mobile app allows users to access and interact with data from any mobile device.

Very low cost

Individuals can use Power BI for free, while a Power BI Pro subscription from Microsoft costs businesses $9.99 per month per user (billed annually).

Most training can be found online and is free.

Twice daily updates of your database to our Power BI data servers are included in your Salesorder subscription.

If you need help to get started, a report strategy, report design the get in touch with

Rapid insight to action

Power BI dashboards can give users a full 360-degree view of the business showing all the key sales, fulfillment, and financial data metrics in one place updated twice a day* and available across all their devices.

It’s so easy to share and inform your team of what they need to know the moment they should know so they can take immediate decisions or actions.
“What you can see in your Salesorder data using Power BI is a game-changer for every wholesaler”

Forward thinking wholesalers trust our software