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How to review your support tickets

How to speed up our response

Add a meaningful ‘Subject’. ‘Urgent’ by itself is not useful. In fact, don’t use it. Set the priority to ‘Urgent’. Use a context and Ref#, and an impact, for example:

  • “Sales Invoice SI132, error on balances”
  • “Shipment SO138/1 picking issue”

Write a S.T.A.R. (Situation / Task, Action, Result) describing the problem. Write down the workflow steps, add the Item and document ref# and/or the trading partner names, for example:

  • Can’t complete return. RMA for Item #1234 will not print when logged in as user 4529. Warehouse operations suspended.

Include error messages and the steps you’ve tried to resolve the problem.

Include files, screenshots, and video. The more detail the better. 

How to capture screenshots and videos to share with us


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