wholesale order management software

Order management software to ship and invoice fast

From whichever channel, and as fast as customer purchase orders are captured you can automatically or manually expedite sales orders in volume.

Allocation automation

You can set automation to approve orders, allocate stock (or not), and create shipments. Bookmark problem orders to hold or edit stock allocation. Review real time SKU availability data to decide reallocation.

Track line items and SKUs

Shipments are child transactions from sales orders that track allocated line Items throughout the warehouse pick, pack, and ship processes. Shipments update users in real time with status information, including courier tracking numbers. Stock instances store transaction IDs, everything is recorded.

Credit control automation

In our multichannel order management software, orders breaching credit limits set on customer masters trigger rules to stop order/shipment journeys. Current orders and shipments are held, new orders are captured but not approved.

order management system software

Automate Order Volume

Back order automation

Not enough stock to fulfill orders? Run the purchase order generator by order to detect sales orders with shortfalls and aggregate SKUs required by supplier. Review and automatically generate POs which the system links back to corresponding sales orders.

Bulk create invoices, real time GL

From shipped, partially shipped, or selected sales orders, create sales invoices to immediately update the general ledger and reduce ‘on hand’ stock.


Sort batches. Check stock levels.

Instant and detailed notification about to what extent free stock can be allocated for every line Item on each sales order. Configure and save sorting rules to create batches for bulk actions such as approval or allocation.

Batch automation

The advanced search function enables you to encode complex (and simple) criteria to search for and display orders in batches. You can save searches as shortcuts. Select all or some of the batched orders and apply a bulk action.

Bookmark and solve exceptions

In our wholesale order management software, you can select and bookmark each order with allocation shortfalls. Drill down on each order, check stock availability in your warehouse(s), and instantly notify customers to agree partial shipment or wait for backorder.

Batch printing

You can style and mass print packing documents. If you need to circumvent barcode scanning, you can revert to printed pick lists by order or SKU. To optimize picker journeys, pick lists can be configured to include location, and carrier information.

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