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What's Included?

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Multichannel Sales
B2B eCommerce and EDI
B2B eCommerce
  • Native cart, no integration
  • Fully customizable UI/UX
  • Cart /Customer /Segment
  • Multiple storefronts

Any trading partners

  • Track all interaction
  • Track all transactions
Price management

Price lists, levels & breaks

Sales funnel tracking
  • Leads, prospects, quotes
  • Sales forecasting
B2C eCommerce

3rd party shopping carts

Order management
Order processing
  • Drop ship
  • Just in time (special order)
  • Build to order
  • Stock allocation
  • Pick pack ship
Warehouse management
  • Track every SKU instance
  • Barcode management
  • Customizable workflows
  • Multiple sites
  • Automation
  • Audit trails
Shipping integration
  • Easypost: popular couriers
  • Shipstation: popular couriers

Inventory  management and forecasting

Inventory Item models
  • Units of measure
  • Multi-pack
  • Assemblies
  • Kits
  • Serialized
  • Lot tracking
Supply chain/ Vendor mgmt.
  • Track all interactions
  • Track all transactions
  • Multi preferred vendors
  • Purchase order automation

Multicurrency general ledger

Tax management
  • US Sales taxes
  • TaxJar
  • UK VAT digital
Credit management
  • Credit hold controls
  • Early payment discounts
Digital payments
  •  Cards
  • ACH
Payment processors
  • Paragon
  • Cybersource
Payment gateways
  • Authorize
  • Paypal
  • USA Epay
Reporting & analytics

Reporting & analytics

Business intelligence
  • Any structure
  • Aany format
Report tools options
  • Native
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Jaspersoft Studio
  • ODBC – bring your own tool
Customize & integrate
  • DIY customization
  • Plugin customization
  • Workflows
  • Processes

NO limits on...

Effortless Profits, Personalized Support, and Unlimited Freedom

Pay for earned value

Effortlessly manage and track your profit-making journey with our system, handling order capture to payment. Pay a 0.33% Throughput fee on previous month/quarter revenue, charged monthly in arrears

No extra fees

Enjoy zero support/upgrade fees. Our mission-critical system is vital for smooth business operations. We prioritize knowing you and your users to tackle issues quickly and frustration-free, setting us apart from other vendors.

Software with no limits

Unlimited use of our software with no hidden charges, irrespective of users, transactions, warehouses, or channels. Pay a fixed percentage Throughput fee in arrears and a low monthly system fee for data and performance management

We replaced Microsoft GP with Salesorder.com and onboarded our entire order fulfillment operations in six days. The response to our needs has been remarkable, and the solution has been easy for our teams to adopt.

Ollie Neale

Managing Director

The Ultimate Hosting Experience: Expert Support, Mission-Critical Reliability, and Elastic Performance

Mission critical reliability

Mission-critical system with strong security, data protection, and rapid failover for seamless online continuity.

Elastic performance

To ensure the best possible performance and responsiveness our server infrastructure can automatically elasticate when more compute power or storage is required.

Support included (you can talk to us)

24/7 Help Portal access and anytime support tickets. Talk to our team from 08:00 London UK to 17:00 USA Eastern time. Extra cover or SLA is available for a fee. Consultancy services are provided separately.

Named account manager

Our pricing includes a dedicated account manager as your main point of contact. Empowered to mobilize resources, they’ll work with your team to identify improvements, share best practices, and keep you informed about our services.


We believe every wholesaler, regardless of size or turnover, should be able to afford our solution. As far as prudent and practical, we keep our pricing as low as possible.

We are a data-driven business. We’re constantly investing in automation and analytics-based strategies to reduce or keep our fixed costs low.

We review our pricing yearly. Adjustments take into account inflation indexation, balanced with our cost reductions.

Included in our pricing are two fully functional order management system sandboxes for you and your teams to safely explore and try out the functionality. These sandboxes can be ‘bare’ systems with minimal data, or a copy of of your ‘live system’.

Our platform is intuitive and the learning curve is gentle.

The Help Portal has lots of videos, ‘how to use’ and ‘reference’ articles. There are articles on getting started, implementation and setup. We are continually updating and adding to this content.

We know the majority of new users quickly master what they need to know from the Help Portal.

Realistically speaking, there will always be questions that cannot be addressed at the time in the Help Portal. Our support teams are here to help, and can provide short one on one sessions.

However if required we can create training videos or deliver training in person that’s specific to your working practices. Based upon the effort required we’d asked you for a fair fee.

In November 2020, amidst the Covid crisis, we worked with a $50M annual revenue business, with around 300 orders per day. At the busiest time of their year, with their sales volumes up 400% , we successfully implemented two systems with 23 customizations in two locations in just under 45 days.

You can do it yourself. The actual configuration and setup of your order management software can be reasonably straightforward. The Help Portal contains a setup roadmap supported by content consisting of videos and articles. Our support team is here to answer your questions.

There is no specific setup fee. This depends upon the business model, complexity, and size of your project. If we both agree there you need some assistance from a consultant we or one of our partners can provide you with a quotation. Based upon our experience to date, for businesses up to $10M turnover, as a rule of thumb you should budget $10K of professional services, i.e. if you are $30M annual revenue, then fees can be up to $30K including customization (or considerably less or even nothing at all if you self implement).

These figures are approximated and can vary based upon the complexity of your business model. However, we’ve found most wholesaler/distribution projects are a similar ‘shape’ and regularly fit inside the above-approximated costs.
Yes. Every user has a different usage behavior. It doesn’t make sense to apply a linear charge per user.
Unlimited access to the WMS for ‘WMS console’ and Barcode users. You can also deploy as many WMS on a single system as you need.

By Sandbox we mean an additional system(s) to your live system. These would be secure and backed up.

This statement is here to intercept users who are coming from another system where they have to pay for annual upgrades. We’ve never charged like this. And never will.

No. Maintenance of customization is factored into the System and Throughput fees. The costs of requirements capture, development, project management are not affected. These are charged as normal.
We always use the term estimate in our proposals. If we get it significantly wrong we absorb the additional expense. If we find additional work which was not anticipated , and we judge this to be more or less than the original estimate, we always let you know. Our master subscription agreement clearly states we cannot guarantee the software is bug free.
Monthly or Quarterly. The fee is calculated from the value of revenue (turnover or recognized revenue) in the previous month or quarter. For example Revenue = $20K, the fee would be 20 x $3 = $60. This fee is charged at the end of the quarter.

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