Migrate from QuickBooks into a Wholesaler Powerhouse

Load your QuickBooks data into software specifically built to simplify, streamline and accelerate your wholesale operations.

Immediately evaluate using your data.

Quickbooks transformer​

Quick migration

In around ten minutes, the QuickBooks Transformer can extract and move your Accounts|Suppliers|Items|Customers data to Salesorder.com.

Zero risk

Your data is always secure. We securely read your data into your own instance of Salesorder.com. We don’t alter or expose your data.

Additional data

The QuickBooks Transformer can also import the core sales and purchasing transactions, specifically Sales and Purchase orders and invoices.

We replaced Microsoft GP with Salesorder.com and onboarded our entire order fulfillment operations in six days. The response to our needs has been remarkable, and the solution has been easy for our teams to adopt.

Ollie Neale

Managing Director

Superpowers for Wholesalers

B2B ecommerce

Eliminate sales friction and effort. Your customers and sales agents can see your catalog and stock levels.
Customers can track every stage of their orders. Present invoices and capture payments 24/7.

Order Automation

Codify your order processing, and integrate automation. You can significantly reduce the time and effort spent organizing and shipping your orders. Ultimately leading to a more efficient and effective workflow.

Data Visualization

Use industry-leading Microsoft Power BI to eliminate tedious Excel tasks and see your sales and fulfillment data like never before. Embrace a new era of data visualization.

Inventory management

Model, manage, and track your products. Dropship, or organize and ship your inventory with or without warehouse management and barcodes.

No Limits

Connect as many users, and process as many transactions as you need. There are no hidden or extra costs for anything you need from our solution.


Adapt to the way you want to work. Our system is customizable, so you can continually fine-tune your workflows.

Goodbye data duplication

One truth

One system and database in the cloud to get everyone on one page in real time.

Easy to deploy and use

Free access to everything you need to know and implement your system in days. 

Multi-currency accounting

Enterprise general ledger

Battle-tested and used by wholesalers from a few to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Real-time accounting with the functionality wholesalers need to track and follow profit and loss and balance sheet activity.

Seamless and easy to use

Our entire solution is built and not integrated into our multichannel order and inventory management.

Accounting teams have complete and real-time visibility of balance movements and transactions.



Chart of Accounts

These transactions will be set to ‘historical’, meaning they are read-only.

Sales Orders
Sales Invoices
Purchase Orders
Purchase Invoices

The size of your company file and the power of your Windows computer determine the time it takes to export, transform, and load your data. Upload speeds of your internet connection can also impact the time to complete. The QuickBooks Transformer displays a progress bar indicating percentage completion of the transformation.

Typically the time can be anything from a few minutes to up to an hour. The QuickBooks transformer can run in the background on your computer.

There is a reset action which allows you to delete the entire transaction history from Salesorder.com. The reset action can be configured to preserve Items, Customers, and Suppliers. The reset action will not affect system configuration settings e.g. Payment Terms.

Learn.salesorder.com contains courses to educate you about what salesorder.com can do. The objective is to help you quickly form a vision or blueprint of how you can apply our solution to match your business model and workflows.

This foundation knowledge is the essential first step in your journey to deciding to implement our solution.

You should study the Solution Overviews and Immersion courses to learn about and be able to start using or evaluating our system.

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