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Automate sales orders

Ecommerce orders: Automatically import sales orders from B2B and B2C eCommerce sales channels.

EDI orders: Automatically import and transform customer purchase orders from EDI.

Order approvals: Set approver roles to bulk approve inbound pending sales orders.

Stock allocation: Set rules to automatically check and allocate stock to sales orders and create shipments. Bulk create shipments with pick and ship instructions for warehouse(s).

Automate shipping: Connect and send orders to multiple shipping vendors, select rates and capture tracking numbers.

Automate lists

Set and memorize search parameters to return list of transactions. Select some or all of the transactions. Apply relevant bulk action. Use memorized shortcut to repeat.

Automate purchasing

Back orders: Auto create aggregate purchase orders from sales order shortfalls.

Stock replenishment: Auto create aggregate purchase orders from low stock levels.

Auto receive container: Model and receive containers. Track container journey status.

Automate AR tasks

Sales invoices: Bulk create and email customer invoices.

Customer statements: Create and email.

Customer payments: Present debtor balances and collect payments by ACH and card via B2B Trade Acceleration Portal (TAP).

Credit control: Set and automate rules to place customers and transactions on hold.

Automate AP tasks

Item receipts: Bulk create item receipts for warehouse goods in operations.

Purchase invoices: Bulk create purchase invoices from item receipts.

Supplier payments: Select and pay multiple supplier purchase invoices. Bulk email payment notifications to suppliers.

Automate anything/ Automation wholesale

Our solution is specifically designed to leverage automation. We can quickly design and deliver plugin and configurable automation.

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