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Multicurrency, tax agnostic, wholesale accounting software

Harmonized with order and inventory management. Easy to learn and use.

wholesale accounting software

Trusted to reduce work

Right at this moment, our accounting software for wholesale and distribution is reliably working and reducing the back-office workload for companies across four continents, in different markets, with different accounting and tax requirements.

Easy adoption

Yes this is a true multicurrency, tax agnostic general ledger with an always on audit trail.
We provide complete and indepth self service training on every accounting function to make it easy and painless to migrate from QuickBooks, Netsuite, Xero or anything else.

Excel and Power BI ready

Every report and list can be exported to Excel.

All accounting data is available for manipulation and animation by Microsoft Power BI.

Every report and list can be exported to Excel.

All accounting data is available for manipulation and animation by Microsoft Power BI.

Comprehensive Reports of wholesale accounting software

With wholesale accounting software, users can configure and run reports to filter, view and analyze the multiple dimensions and measures of accounting-related data. Salesorder gives accounting users a comprehensive set of customizable reports which can all be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Eliminate emails and phone calls

Eliminate emails and phone calls

You can eliminate all of the hard work of answering customer questions and excessive reminders.

The Trade Acceleration Portal or TAP is our adaptable B2B ecommerce solution. You can provide customers with self-service access to real-time information relating to their purchase orders, inventory and payment information.

Because the TAP has baked in payment processing for ACH and Cards, your customers can review their balance, and pay invoices. The TAP provides them with an always up to date view of their account.

Because the TAP is adaptable and part of Salesorder, you can present any information or provide data capture functions.

A perfect foundation for automated accounting with wholesale account management software.

A perfect foundation for automated accounting.

In our wholesale accounting software every transaction has it’s own specific set of actions. Every transaction type lives in it’s own List. You can tell a selected list of transactions to all perform the same action at the same time to a given set of rules.

For example, list, create Invoices for all orders with a status of shipped, or email a selected list of Invoices.

In our solution both tasks, regardless of the number of transactions can take two clicks or less.

See Volume Automation

Ask us for automation.

Ask us for automation.

Tell us about your time consuming accounting tasks, and we’ll figure out how to automate them.

We know accounting tasks can be complex and time consuming. We don’t know all of your pain points. We do know how to rapidly build automation in our solution.

Examples of accounting automation for customers

Examples of accounting automation for customers


Automation opportunity

Tasks and automation opportunities

Accounts Payable incoming Supplier

Transformation and auto record supplier Invoice PDFs then match with Purchase Orders.

Process EDI Purchase Invoices

Accounts Receivable outgoing Customer Invoices

Transformation and auto record Customer Orders from emailed PDFs

Create and transmit EDI Purchase Sales Invoices

Posting of accounting transactions to and from other vendor systems

MRP transactions i.e. Stock Adjustments.
Post to group General Ledger.
Post Invoices to Tax authorities.

Depreciation of Fixed Assets

Automate adjustments based upon type of Asset, accounting policies and general ledger account mapping.

Early Payment Discounts

11 Key Features of Wholesale Accounting Software

Inventory and average cost

Products are ‘Items’ in the wholesale distribution accounting software. Each Item can be mapped to the GL accounts. Tax settings for Items control its taxable status depending upon where it’s sold and who it’s sold to.

Salesorder uses the average cost method (aka weighted-average method) and assigns a cost to inventory items based on the total cost of goods purchased in a period divided by the total number of items purchased or produced.

Item receipts update the relevant asset account(s) balance sheet without affecting the Accounts Payable.
Unlike some accounting software for wholesale distribution, Salesorder’s accounting always preserves the Item receipt.

Credit control

With our wholesale accounting software users can implement credit policies on Customer masters and their subsequent transactions, specifically:

The ability to enable ‘automated’ credit checks based on credit limits or invoices ‘past due.

Set Customers on hold manually with configurable options to choose what to transactions to allow when Customer is manually set on hold, i.e Allow/Prevent/Warn if insufficient credit.

Using Salesorder’s ‘Roles’ (access and permissions) credit control rights can be enabled for specific users.

Payment Terms

Users can preset algorithms for default payment terms on the Customer and Supplier master so as Sales and Purchase Documents inherit and apply these terms to Document balances. Payment term thresholds can be used in automation to trigger sending reminders. Users can run a summary and drill down to detail reports to pinpoint, bookmark and immediately trigger reminders or credit or appropriate recovery processes.
Early payment discounts can be configured to be automatically applied. When a user records a payment for an individual or batch of Sales Invoice(s), the system checks for a discount and automatically makes the appropriate adjustment(s). The adjustment is reflected in the general ledger.

Aging debtors and Statements

As well as running reports to analyse and highlight aging debtors, you can generate and automate the production and emailing of customer statements, or present them in the Trade Acceleration Portal.

In our accounting software for wholesale and distribution, we’ve a ‘baked in’ email function which enables users to create email templates to standardize and send communications, and track responses. With a single click you can email a PDF copy from every Document i.e. Invoice, Payment etc.

We’ll work with you to automate the order and timing of reminders, and notifications to your team to match your businesses processes.

Tax tracking, reporting, automation.

In our wholesale accounting software, users can preset and report Tax code and Groups (combinations of Tax codes specific to locations i.e. State, County, City.) on Customers and their respective transactions.

For tax automation, Salesorder has integration with Taxjar. Taxjar automates sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings.


Salesorder’s wholesale accounting software enables users to set up and track multiple currencies. You can:

  • Set foreign exchange (FX) rates
  • Trade with Customers and Suppliers in multiple currencies
  • Track accounts receivable and payable balances per currency
  • Track your balances and transactions in currency (FX) bank accounts
  • Make currency adjustments for gains and losses resulting from currency exchange rate fluctuations
  • Fix Item pricing and costs in foreign currencies
  • Report on base vs fx on sales and purchase-related transactions

Our order management software’s sales and purchasing documents automatically display and record the international or foreign price or cost, specific trading currency, related exchange rate, correct tax code for each customer or supplier.

Foreign currency transactions and balances are shown in reports in both the local and trading currency (fx) values.

Users can perform Currency adjustments as and when required.

Versatile period end close

Users can open and close Accounting periods with (or without) preset ‘open until’ periods for specific types of transaction i.e. Journals and Purchase Invoices to specific categories of accounts in the general ledger.

Controls to appropriately date transactions to ensure the integrity of the accounting operates in conjunction with the period’s presets.

Payments integration

Our strategy is to help you ease or even eliminate the effort of managing and tracking incoming and outgoing payments.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of payments and banking integration solutions. For example:

  • integration with card
  •  payment gateways, i.e., Paypal, USAePay etc.
  • integration with card and ACH 
  • payment processors, i.e. Cybersource, Paragon solutions etc.
  • secure FTP.

Bank management

To simplify banking and cash management in wholesale accounting software, the banking functions are organized in their own section. You can create Bank account masters to capture bank salient details. From these masters you can initiate and complete deposits and reconciliations. These actions can be saved as pending, for subsequent edits and completion. Tools to issue and print checks, screens to enter expenses directly on the bank accounts, and actions to track and enter ‘other’ income and expenses are accessible from the Bank masters.

Journal Automation

You can automate journal tasks such as creating and reversing accruals using the memorized transactions function.

This function can be configured by frequency or just remind users to perform the journal manually.

The always on audit trail keeps track of all journal action history including edits.

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