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Add custom fields to store your data

Because we couldn’t possibly anticipate every item of data a wholesaler might want to store, use on a report, or include on any transaction, we’ve built in customization anyone can do.

Custom fields appear on Reports

Any custom data stored in Salesorder can be displayed in a report.

Add types of field

System administrators can add custom tabs, sections, and fields to any trading partner or transaction screen i.e. Customer master, Sales Order, Sale Invoice. Fields can have multiple types i.e. Dropdown, Text area, Date, Money, etc.

Transactions inherit from Custom fields

Because of the convention of inheritance from one transaction to another (child parent relationship), custom fields on child transactions can inherit information from the parent transaction.

For example a Sales Order can inherit from custom fields on a Sales Quote. Similarly a Sales Order can inherit data from a Customer master.

DIY Customization to store extra data

Add tabs, sections, and fields anywhere

Off-the-shelf and custom plug-in extensions

There’s a Plugin for that

What’s a Plugin?

Salesorder Plugins can do just about anything.

A Plugin is a script of instructions for Salesorder’s core software code to do something different. We’re modifying Salesorder’s behavior, not its core code.

Fast, low-cost Plugin development

We’ve invested tens of software engineering man-years in creating tools and a methodology to deliver customizations as fast as possible to a high standard.

This means that Salesorder plugins can be designed, built, and tested quickly, and therefore, the cost is usually not prohibitive.

This makes translation of process improvements into software efficient, and the ROI easy to predict and justify.

Vast library of off the shelf Plugins

Years of experience, solving problems and making improvements for hundreds of customers has resulted in rich library of Plugins.

We make all of this available to you at no extra cost.


I need a customization, what’s the process, cost and turn around time?

We always provide a pessimistic quote containing time scales and costs to give you a ballpark.

We’ve delivered hundreds of custom enhancements that vary in complexity. The process begins with a technical analysis, from which we derive a timescale and cost. The minimum turnaround time is ten days. Costs vary depending upon urgency and complexity and start at around $2,000.

We can offer you a dedicated development team. Because they’re growing fast and their business needs are continually changing, our biggest customers have dedicated development teams.

Absolutely. We can match and hook you up with a relevant contact depending on your requirements.