For wholesalers of Home Decor, Gifts, Furniture, and Garden products.

Affordable multichannel software for optimizing and growing wholesalers

Specifically designed to increase productivity, margin, and revenue for brands that wholesale home decor, gifts, furniture, gardens, lifestyle, and related products.
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Connect sales channels, fulfill and invoice more orders, make more money with less.
Drive sales, fulfillment, and accounting operations from one source of truth.
Easy to learn, use, and implement in days. Our in person help is free!
Much lower cost than Netsuite, simpler than Quickbooks mashups.
Affordable for every size of wholesaler.

You design and sell beautiful products and run a business. You need software that fits your business model, industry, and budget—a system that accelerates your sales, fulfillment, and accounting workflows, and makes it easier for you to operate efficiently and stress free.

If you’re wholesaling products into Home Decor, Gifts, Furniture, Gardens, etc., we’ve built software and a team of experts exclusively for you. Our software manages and optimizes your sales, fulfillment, accounting, and reporting. Our team knows your industry, how you work, and the challenges you deal with daily.


One Complete System to expand your sales channels, streamline your order to cash workflows, and increase your margins.
One Complete System for the Home Decor, Gifts, Furniture and Garden industry at a cost that any wholesaler of any size can afford.
Implement in Weeks. We do all we can to reduce the time, effort, and sacrifice needed to onboard and realize the benefits.

Data analytics - Microsoft Power BI dashboards and easy-to-use reports

Our data experts will work with you to make your data interactive:

Sales Dashboards

Channel Performance
Customer Analysis

Fulfillment Dashboards

Inventory Analysis

Accounting Dashboards

Financial performance

Learn and evaluate for free, go live in days:



Easy, fast, interactive learning



System access and On-demand expertise



Rapid data migration and go-live assistance

*No credit card required
Our experts will consistently work with you to increase productivity, margin, and revenue.

Monthly review

Expert analysis and action plan.

System Tune-ups

We'll work with you to refine and automate your workflows.

Free upgrades

We add new super powers to Salesorder every month.

Hands-on optimization after you’re live


Other software vendors have solutions for wholesalers; what makes you different?

We are different because:

We’re focused on one part of the USA wholesale market: brands that sell their products to retailers of Home Decor, Gifts, Furniture, Gardens, etc. These brands attend trade shows in Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York, Highpoint, Dallas, etc.

Our solution is designed to address the challenges faced by these brands, such as connecting to marketplaces like Faire, sales rep groups using MarketTime, and large retailers who insist on EDI automation.

We’re constantly looking for bottlenecks that slow down order fulfillment or costs that impact margins. Where these occur, we’re building or seeking affordable, best-in-class solutions.

Other vendors: Lip Service

Netsuite, Acumatica, and other vendors have a few web pages that talk about their software being beneficial for wholesalers. Look closely; they say this about at least 17 (i.e., Netsuite) other industries.

Quickbooks, Sage, etc, are accounting software vendors. They rely on integrations with third-party vendors to compose a viable software solution for wholesale.

Other vendors: No Depth

They are generalists, which means their sales, consultancy, and customer success teams cannot possibly have the depth of expertise to empathize with and understand the day-to-day challenges of wholesale brands selling products to Home Decor, Gifts, Furniture, and Garden retail buyers.

Other vendors: Breadth means complexity and unnecessary cost.

Their software is generic; it tries to be all things to all men. It’s therefore embellished with features for different industries. This means it’s complicated, and you’re paying for features you don’t need and will never use.

Other vendors: You have to figure out what additional software you need.

These generalist vendors rely upon autonomous third-party software vendors, resulting in multiple apps you have to choose from to compose your solution. This is akin to reading a book through a straw.

Wholesalers we work with told us they were uncomfortable and frustrated by this. Many took the wrong turn, invested time and money, and ended up with a bad solution or abandoned the project.

Salesorder difference: Comprehensive, affordable, market fit

We are 100% focused on home decor, gifts, furniture, gardens, and related wholesale brands.

Check out our software features list. We limit third-party additions to those that are relevant, have sufficient demand, and are affordable for our market. We also look for cultural fit.

We have deep and long-standing experience with brands in the market we focus on. We’ve walked the entire layout of every major show, spent hours with brands in their booths, and listened to their needs, challenges, and experiences using software.

Our senior team has spent weeks on-site with prospects and customers.

Our imperative is to remain in step with our target market and deliver the best market fit for our software and services.

Affordability and sensible costs rule our decisions about which third parties we work with and the pricing of our platform.

We work with brands of all sizes. Our smallest customers have revenues of less than $1M, and our largest customer is fast approaching $1Bn.

Our target market will always be the USA. However, we carefully choose brands outside of the USA. We have customers in the UK and Germany. Our largest non-USA customer is running Salesorder in 16 European countries.