Why choose Salesorder.com

10 reasons why Home Decor, Gifts, Furniture, and Garden Wholesalers should choose Salesorder.com

Up until now, there were two choices of software for wholesale: a Quickbooks stack or Frankenstein of different apps or a wallet-draining 20th-century ERP from Netsuite, Microsoft, or other dinosaur vendors.
Salesorder is one system designed for you and your industry.
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Industry focus

Our solution and expertise focus on wholesalers of Home Decor, Gifts, Furniture, Garden and related products.


Industry-specific features

Our software directly integrates with; Marketplaces, i.e. Faire*, Rep software, i.e. MarketTime, and EDI to 3,600+ trading partners.

Our TAP (B2B ecommerce solution) delivers a beautiful and compelling DTC like experience to your trade customers.

Affordable for everyone

Our pricing is for ALL sizes of wholesaler. Each month, we ask (not take) for 0.33% (⅓ of 1%) of your last months revenue.

You can onboard and implement our software for wholesalers for no cost, and our training is free.


Ease of use and adoption

All of our customers remark on how easy our software is to learn and use.

Because our software is specifically designed for wholesalers, it's naturally intuitive.


Continual Optimization for Wholesale

Our revenue is tied to your revenue and success. Our singular focus is on your business model and industry. We’re always exploring and delivering ways to optimize your operations to increase your margins and revenues.


Swift and low cost implementation

It’s possible to implement and get up and running with our solution in 4 to 30 days. You can onboard and implement our software for wholesalers for no fee.



Salesorder was designed to be customized, which means it can adapt as you grow.


Data visualization

Salesorder.com is one source of the truth for all of your sales, fulfillment, and accounting data. Using Power BI you can instantly visualize and explore your data.



Salesorder is the sales, fulfillment, and accounting nerve center for wholesale businesses with revenues of $0.5M to $800M+.


Future Proof

Focusing on a single niche in the wholesale industry means we can find and create solutions quicker.

"Our imperative was to find software that would make our daily tasks easier. Migrating from Kantata to Salesorder has reduced our order-to-cash transaction times by 40%."