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How to update product information, sync inventory, and streamline order processing across different ecommerce marketplaces.

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Minutes, not days, to update your marketplace catalogs

Efficient updates everywhere

Eliminate the hassle of spending countless hours updating your catalogs.

Our system lets you create a single product master in your system from which you can send updates to product details on multiple marketplaces.

Every Product Detail

Every marketplace represents your product in different templates and categories. Our solution ensures that every nuance about your product is updated and presented correctly.

One stock level everywhere?

Salesorder tracks all of your stock levels and movements:

  • On Purchase Orders
  • FOB in Transit
  • In Stock Locations
  • Allocated to Orders
  • Being Picked/Packed
  • Ready to Ship

Salesorder is one real-time source of truth.

Different channels have different scenarios or rules for displaying stock levels. You have your policies for informing buyers about stock availability.

We help you do this your way.

Multiple channels, different stories

You can control what stock level you show on which sales channel and, therefore, to which type of buyer. This enables you to meet the marketplace requirements and prioritize what stock is available and where.

Availability rules anywhere

Salesorder was built to apply automation to most workflows or events. We can work with you to automate actions, for example, what rule to use when a marketplace stock level is zero or running low.

One source of the truth for stock everywhere

All orders are processed in one place

Centralized and tagged

All of your orders from every channel appear in the Sales Order List. The Sales Order list gives you visibility and control of every order. Using memorized searches, you can organize and analyze orders by channel tag for conditions like:

  • Approval status
  • Can be allocated stock
  • Earliest ship date
  • Allocation status
  • Workflow status, i.e. Being Picked
  • Shipping Status
  • Invoice status


You can select and group orders into queues and prioritize your orders within each saved group.

Automated to accelerate and excel

To reduce or eliminate work, we can dial in rules to our Autopilot automation to process your orders.

Track and analyze market performance

Each marketplace has native reporting, but you need an overall view of performance by marketplace.

We’ve got you covered with dashboard and table-based reports to compare and analyze channel sales.

Marketplace support roadmap

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September 2024
September 2024
September 2024
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