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Ace your Sales Rep’s MarketTime Orders

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Capture and process Rep orders

Connected to MarketTime

MarketTime is the leading rep platform for our target market. Its connected to Salesorder. Part of our mission is to seamlessly connect all of the sales channels you need so all of your orders flow into one system.

Auto-Import and process Orders

Orders and their details together with the rep name are automatically imported into your Salesorder Order list. From here you can approve, then allocate stock for pick, pack and ship.

Auto-create new Reps

You can set up your reps in your system so their orders are correctly attributed to their Customers. If the rep doesnt exist the import workflow creates them.

Report and match commissions

Reporting and Reconciliation

MarketTime tracks and reports Sales Commissions. We provide you with commission reporting to reconcile and make sure the numbers match.

Adaptable Commission Tracking

Whatever your commission structure we can adapt and style our commission reports to work for you.

We can automate creation of your reports by rep to be emailed to your reps.


I need more than just order data to flow to and from MarketTime

I’m really glad you asked. We think we can improve this integration, so we’d love your input. Head over to the Contact us page and make an appointment or send an email.

We do have templates to import Orders from Repzio and Brandwise. Because the future of these platforms is uncertain, we are reluctant to invest in an integration. However, if the business case is sound, we’ll do the right thing.

Let us know if you have any other requirements related to importing from other Rep platforms. If the numbers stack up, we’ll get to work and do the integration.

We’re happy to spend time exploring your needs. We’re a software engineering business with immense experience in ‘Sales Capture and Tracking systems’.

Salesorder is a highly adaptable platform for order management and multichannel sales. We’re looking for opportunities to collaborate with market makers and players. If the opportunity is right we’ll invest. 

If you have an idea or opportunity, get in touch. See our Contact page.