How to effortlessly manage Price Lists

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Intuitive, versatile and precise

Intuitive and precise

Easily create and manage multiple price lists. Granular control over product pricing based on customer segments, contract terms, or seasonal promotions.

Preset your price lists on customer masters to ensure all transactions conform to pricing rules.

Versatile formulas and rules

Specify which SKUs can be sold to which customer(s). Fixed percentage discount on all SKUs.

SKU quantity discounts and price breaks. Item or Classification specific discounts.


Because our built in accounting is multi-currency you can serve international customers with ‘local’ pricing.


Present pricing consistently across your sales channels.


How do Price Lists work? Give me an example of what can they do.

You can preset a price list on a customer master. Subsequent transactions inherit and apply pricing to line items. Pricing formulas are based on item, classification, customer, etc.

Advanced Price Lists enable you to specify:

  • Price Lists for ‘trading partners’ i.e. Customers, Suppliers* or both
  • Price Lists for any given Currency
  • ‘Global’ price discounts i.e. 10% off every Item
  • Global and Item specific quantity discounts

*You can apply a Price List to a Supplier’s Price List. You’d probably use this to manipulate supplier catalog prices.

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Yes! Price Lists let you specify what products can and can’t be sold to individual customers. 

Yes! Regardless of which channel your Customers buy through, Price Lists always manipulate Line Item Prices.