Our Pricing – Affordable for all

We don’t take, we ask for O.33% (⅓ of 1%) of your monthly revenue in arrears.

*No credit card required

Month to month, we’re in this together.

Good month, bad month, high season, low season, what you pay us follows your revenues.

Because our revenue is tied to yours, we naturally take an interest in finding ways to help you grow your business.

No silly, confusing price plans.

Except for 3rd party apps, every feature in our software and mission-critical support is included in your monthly fee. There are no per-user or transaction-related fees.

Price break at $100M+

We have Enterprise customers at $100M+. Above this figure, the pricing is reduced to $0.36 per additional $1,000. That’s $360 per $1M.

Why are we different?

We stand apart from other software vendors, because we’re a dedicated team of consultants and software engineers exclusively focused on optimizing wholesale operations.

Access to a wealth of wholesale experience.

By working with us you gain access to a wealth of expertise and tailored solutions designed to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and drive growth.

We unlock new levels of productivity and profitability

From inventory management and order fulfillment to warehouse optimization and customer relationship management, we’ll work with you to unlock new levels of productivity and profitability for your business.

What do you mean by wholesaler optimization, and what’s in it for me?

Wholesaler optimization focuses on refining operational processes and leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and profitability in wholesale operations.

Wholesaler optimization is an ongoing process that requires a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our commitment to you is to continually find ways to enhance our software and apply our expertise to improve your margin and revenue.

Wholesaler optimization results in improved financial performance.

Lower operational costs, reduced inventory carrying costs, and increased sales from enhanced customer satisfaction all contribute to higher revenues and profitability.

Wholesaler optimization

We’re 100% committed to optimizing your wholesale business.


How do you define the Throughput fee?

The Throughput fee is a variable fee that tracks your revenue (or fulfilled order value*) processed in your system. This fee is charged monthly in arrears.

* If you’re not using the accounting.

Just dial in your monthly revenue to calculate pricing.

There is no additional charge. The Throughput fee is all inclusive.

We believe every wholesaler, regardless of size or turnover, should be able to afford our solution. As far as prudent and practical, we keep our pricing as low as possible.

We are a data-driven business. We’re constantly investing in automation and analytics-based strategies to reduce or keep our fixed costs low.

We review our pricing yearly.

Adjustments consider inflation indexation and are balanced with our cost reductions and input costs.

Our pricing includes as many fully functional sandbox systems for you and your teams to safely explore and try out the functionality. These sandboxes can be ‘bare’ systems with minimal data or a copy of your ‘live system’.

Our platform is intuitive, and the learning curve is gentle.

Our online school, learn.salesorder.com, contains courses composed of concise and easy-to-follow interactive and video-based lessons. Every student gets their own personal copy of Salesorder. 

The ‘Grand Tour’ course gives you a comprehensive overview of our solution in 8 minutes (or less). 

The ‘Live in 5′ course quickly teaches you the user controls and how to process the entire workflow from sales orders to cash and purchase orders to receiving SKUs.

Regardless of your role, learn.salesorder.com contains a comprehensive list of courses from which you can learn what you need to know. 

Realistically speaking, there will always be questions that cannot be addressed in the online school. We are here to help, and you can make an appointment with one of our team at a time that works for you.

If required, we can create training videos or deliver training in person that’s specific to your working practices. Based upon the effort required we’d asked you for a fair fee.

We implemented Salesorder in four days. With your full cooperation and no modifications, the average implementation time is 2 to 4 weeks.

In November 2020, amidst the Covid crisis, we worked with a $50M annual revenue business, with around 300 daily orders. At the busiest time of their year, with their sales volumes up 400%, we successfully implemented two systems with 23 customizations in two locations in just under 45 days.

Another long-standing customer, H&B Wholesale, was running a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central when they suffered a fatal ransomware attack in their busiest season. Here’s their story of how they implemented Salesorder in four days. 

As far as we know, this is significantly faster than Netsuite, Quickbooks, or any other equivalent solution. 

You can do it yourself. The actual configuration and setup of the system can be reasonably straightforward. Our documentation contains a Launch Sequence roadmap supported by content consisting of videos and articles. Our support team is here to answer your questions.

There is no specific setup fee. This depends upon your business model, complexity, and size of your project. If we both agree you need some assistance from a consultant we or one of our partners can provide you with a quotation.

Based on our experience to date, for businesses with up to $10M turnover, as a rule of thumb, you should budget $10K of professional services if you need customizations. If you have $30M annual revenue, then fees can be up to $30K.

However, in the majority of cases, there are no costs except your time. 

These figures are approximated and can vary depending on the complexity of your business model. However, we’ve found that most wholesaler/distribution projects are similar in shape and regularly fall within the above-approximated costs.

Whatever your situation, we try to keep the costs to a bare and transparent minimum.

Yes. Every user has a different usage behavior. It doesn’t make sense to apply a linear charge per user.

We want all of your team to use our system!



Yes, there are no limitations.

Unlimited access to the WMS for ‘WMS console’ and Barcode users. You can also deploy as many WMS users on a single system as you need.

And you can deploy as many WMS instances as you need!

No! You can deploy as many as you need! Check out our Warehouse Management System.

This answer is here to intercept users who are coming from another system where they have to pay for annual upgrades. We’ve never charged like this. And never will!

For systems with extensive customizations we reserve the right to uplift the Throughput fees to cover ongoing maintenance and ensuring the changes continue to function.

Depending upon the complexity and ongoing maintenance requirements of a Plugin, we may need to adjust your monthly throughput fees to cover our costs. We will notify you in writing 30 days before the proposed change and will only adjust the costs by mutual agreement.

We always use the term ‘estimate’ in our proposals. If we get it significantly wrong we absorb the additional expense. If we find additional work which was not anticipated , and we judge this to be more or less than the original estimate, we always let you know.

Our Master Subscription Agreement clearly states we cannot guarantee the software is bug free.


Monthly or Quarterly. The fee is calculated from the value of revenue (turnover or recognized revenue) in the previous month or quarter. For example Revenue = $20K, the fee would be 20 x $3.30 = $66. This fee is charged at the end of the quarter.

We trust you. We ask you once a month to fill in a simple form which captures your revenue (not cash).

To be clear we charge for accrued revenue, not cash. 

Please email us at support@salesorder.com.