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Increase your sales reach with low cost EDI Automation to 3,600+ Trading Partners

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Eliminate ALL the effort and paperwork, increase your sales and solve your supply chain challenges for zero upfront cost

Increase your Sales Reach. Connect Retailers.

Pitch your dream retailers with confidence. Tell them you can receive their Purchase Orders and send them Shipment notifications and Sales Invoices via EDI.

Because Purchase Orders from your retail partners automatically appear in your Order list, you can eliminate the need to re-enter order details.

Connect Third Party Logistics.

You can automate all shipment requests to eliminate conversations and exchange of spreadsheets with your 3PL.

Most quality 3PLs have systems that can receive and transmit EDI documents. We’ll work with you and your 3PL to sync your Shipments and Inventory.

Connect Marketplaces

Marketplaces like Amazon, Wayfair and others can transact with you over EDI. We’ll work with your marketplace partners to get you hooked up in weeks.

Get it done quickly without cost

Whichever EDI gateway vendor you talk to, they’ll go at their snails pace to deliver what you need. They’ll also ask you for money, and even when you’ve paid they’ll still take more than a month to get you running.

We promise to get it done quickly, and at zero upfront cost.


What is EDI?

EDI is the electronic exchange of business documents like purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices between companies in a standardized format.1 It allows businesses to automate and streamline transactions with trading partners, reducing manual data entry and associated errors.

  1. Trading partners agree on EDI standards and set up a connection
  2. One partner creates an electronic business document (e.g. purchase order)
  3. The document is translated into the agreed EDI format
  4. The formatted document is transmitted to the receiving partner’s system
  5. The receiving system translates and integrates the document data
  1. Increased efficiency by automating document exchange between trading partners, reducing manual data entry and associated errors.
  2. Reduced costs by eliminating paper-based processes like printing, mailing, storage, and document retrieval.
  3. EDI can lower transaction costs by at least 35%.
  4. Improved data accuracy by minimizing human errors from illegible handwriting, lost documents, and re-keying data. 
  5. EDI can deliver a 30-40% reduction in transactions with errors.
  6. Faster transaction processing, reducing order-to-cash cycle times by over 20%.
  7. EDI can speed up business cycles by 61%.
  8. Enhanced trading partner relationships through seamless integration and real-time visibility into transaction status.
  9. Improved cash flow for suppliers due to quicker processing of accurate documents.
  10. Reduced inventory levels by shortening order processing and delivery times.
  11. Ability to quickly onboard new trading partners globally using standardized EDI formats.
  12. Promotes sustainability by replacing paper-based processes with electronic alternatives.
  13. Enables adoption of demand-driven business models and optimized supply chain practices like vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing.

Yes! Our solution can connect to any business with EDI capability. Time and time again, we’ve talked to customers who are frustrated by SPS. They rightly complain that SPS is difficult to work with, especially during implementation.  They also confirm SPS costs are prohibitive.

We created our EDI solution to eliminate the time, effort, and sacrifice of connecting and getting orders from Home Decor, Gifts, Furniture, and Garden products wholesalers to retail partners.