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Smooth, rapid data migration

We have tried and tested tools, methodologies, and partners to get data from your old system safely and quickly.

We’ve migrated wholesale businesses large and small from QuickBooks, Netsuite, SAP, Financial Force, Sage, and many others.
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From Quickbooks Desktop

In less than ten minutes, the Quickbooks Transformer exports your Quickbooks Company file and loads your data into a newly created Salesorder system.


From Quickbooks Online

Intuit has created a tool to migrate your Company file from Quickbooks Online to Quickbooks Desktop.

Our Quickbooks Transformer will move your data from Quickbooks Desktop to Salesorder.com.


From Netsuite

It is possible to perform a low-cost and efficient data migration using Netsuite reports. 

You only need some of your data for historical references, forecasting, and tax records.

We’ll show you how to decide what data and how to move it quickly.


From other systems

We have the ingenuity, tools, and methods to safely move your live and historical data from your current system.

If we don’t have the answer, one of our data migration consulting partners will.

Fast and easy evaluation

Use your data to try out Salesorder.com

We think the most practical and comfortable way to evaluate Salesorder is by using data you and your team are familiar with.

Instant from Quickbooks

If you're coming from Quickbooks Desktop, we can move your data into one or more instances of Salesorder in minutes.

Via Quickbooks Desktop

Because Quickbooks Desktop is still popular, you’ll find many apps that migrate data from accounting software to Quickbooks Desktop. Intuit has built one to migrate from Quickbooks Online.

We build tools to eliminate work

We’re continually building tools to reduce or eliminate time, effort, and sacrifice.

The Quickbooks Transformer was developed to streamline data migration from Quickbooks Desktop to Salesorder.com.

In minutes

Customers, Suppliers, Items, and Chart of Accounts are instantly transferred. No tedious Excel work.

All Transaction history safely migrated

All of your non-posting and posting transactions migrated, i.e., Orders, Invoices, etc.

We move all transactions to Salesorder so that they are read-only. These are usually unlocked by a System Administrator during the go-live Launch Sequence.

Via Quickbooks Desktop

Because Quickbooks Desktop is still popular, you’ll find many apps that migrate data from accounting software to Quickbooks Desktop. Intuit has built one to migrate from Quickbooks Online.

These ‘data migration’ apps export your data into Quickbooks Desktop, and the Quickbooks Transformer imports the data into Salesorder.com.

See this Help article ‘Migrate from Quickbooks.’

Move from or via Quickbooks Desktop

Quickbooks Transformer: Move Company accounting data in minutes.

Legacy Data migration simplified and streamlined


What data do you copy from my company file?

For a detailed overview of what data is transferred, and how it’s stored, see this article – What data does the Quickbooks Transformer transfer?

The size of your Quickbooks company file and the power of your Windows computer determine the time it takes to export, transform, and load your data. Your internet connection’s upload speeds can also impact this time. The QuickBooks Transformer displays a progress bar indicating the percentage completion of the transformation.

The time can range from a few minutes to up to an hour. The QuickBooks transformer can run in the background on your computer.

There is a reset action that allows you to delete the entire transaction history from Salesorder.com. The reset action can be configured to preserve Items, Customers, and Suppliers. It will not affect system configuration settings, such as Payment Terms.

Your data is always secure and backed up. We do not alter it; we securely read it into your own instance of Salesorder.com and don’t alter or expose it.

Everyone is welcome to understand and learn about Salesorder.com. Head over to learn.salesorder.com and enroll!

To evaluate Salesorder, start with the Salesorder grand tour to get an overall view (7 minutes).

The next course is ‘Live in 5’, where users get a personal system. The interactive lessons in this course rapidly show you how to use Salesorder (it’s simple) and complete an order-to-cash workflow.

We’ll see you at learn.salesorder.com!