What is Salesorder.com

What is Salesorder.com?

Affordable software for Home Decor, Gifts, and Furniture wholesalers to efficiently manage and optimize the performance of their multichannel sales, fulfillment, accounting, and reporting operations.

Learning and deploying Salesorder.com is free.
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How does Salesorder.com manage and optimize operations?

Empathy, experience, and expertise - by your side

We’ve worked for years with businesses large and small in Home Decor, Gifts, and Furniture wholesale. We’re constantly evolving our understanding and knowledge of your challenges and needs.

We know your top priorities are sales, having more time to focus on your products and making better profits.

As a result we’re discovering more and more ways to help you succeed and grow.

Continuous focus on solutions that benefit your top and bottom line

The entire purpose of our software is to accelerate your business and make it easier to manage.

For your industry we incorporate and are continually adding:

  • Functions to automate and accelerate your workflows.
  • Industry relevant tools to simplify and make it easier to perform tasks.

We’ve applied thousands of hours of expertise to eliminate bottlenecks and problems. The results are game changing solutions like lowest cost; EDI, B2B ecommerce, marketplace integration and payment fees. You’ll find these and many more in our software to help you efficiently manage and optimize key workflows from start to end. For example, sales order to cash, or purchase order to inventory.

Multichannel Commerce to expand your sales reach

Sales channel connectivity that’s simple to set up, use and scale.

Salesorder enables you to present products and sell through multiple channels including:

Adaptable B2B ecommerce for frictionless sales and service

Ecommerce to sell to trade customers.

Present your catalog in DTC format. Let your customers log in to see pricing, place and track orders, and pay invoices. 

Mobile Sales solution for Reps and Staff.

One source of the truth and tools for mobile sales teams to easily capture Sales on the road and at Trade shows.

Internal and third party sales teams can access their customers, track and capture orders, and check stock availability.

Our solution includes Barcode support to accelerate order capture, and features to verify, authorize, and capture payments from cards.

Commission automation to report and pay Sales Reps

Comprehensive automation to model, track and pay commissions and royalties.

Regardless of your commission and/or royalties structure and rules, we can dial in the necessary monitoring and reporting. 

Our sales commission and royalties solution can be adapted to apply the rules and report in any way you and your reps need. And if you need it, we can automate and streamline the payment accounting.

CRM to efficiently manage customer profiles, interactions and transactions

A 360 degree view of every customer interaction and transaction.

A one page interactive view of email and other conversations, transaction history, and financial status, of each customer. Track customer profile data. You can create a unique price list for every customer.

Manage, automate and track the journey and status of every SKU

Versatile Order management with automation

Order capture on multiple channels.

An automated and interactive list to enable you to:

  • Analyze earliest ship dates based upon POs.
  • Segment and priortize the allocation of stock to orders.
  • Commit orders to Pick, Pack, and Ship.
  • Track process of committed Orders (Shipments).
  • Bulk create and send invoices.
  • Create back and dropship orders.
  • Automate parts or all of the order to cash workflow.

Inventory management for stock accuracy and streamlined fulfillment.

Model stock, assembly, kit, and matrix items. Track stock levels and value in real time in transit and on premise. Optimize pick, pack and shipping processes. Connect to major shipping vendors. Share stock availability with customers and reps.

Warehouse(s) management for accelerating and scaling fulfillment.

Track each SKU instance location, level, and movement using Barcodes in multiple warehouses. Track containers and stock you don’t own.

Supplier Management for automating back order and stock replenishment

Track all vendor interactions, email and transactions, and financial status on a single interactive page.

Analyze in seconds back order and replenishment requirements per SKU and supplier.

Coming soon: Vendor Portal to enable your suppliers to receive and update status of Purchase Orders.

Inventory Forecasting to ensure you fulfill every order every time without overstocking.

Working capital protection. Real time forecasting. Analyze where your profits are coming from. Avoid losses, and track winners, up and coming products, and losers. Automate replenishment analysis and PO creation.

Enterprise Grade Multicurrency General Ledger accounting

Comprehensive accounting features for wholesalers to replace Quickbooks (and peers), or ERP accounting.

Easy to master enterprise grade accounting to manage any size wholesaler is built into our software. Trusted by Accounting professionals in businesses with hundreds of millions in revenue.

Industry leader and best in class reporting tools

Efficient Reporting tools that beat Excel hands down. One source of the truth for all of your data

For 21 years Microsoft Power BI has led the business intelligence tools market.

Salesorder.com is one source of the truth. It stores ALL of your sales, fulfillment, and accounting data. You can use Power BI Dashboards to visualize and explore interactive stories

What are the alternatives to Salesorder.com?

Before we launched Salesorder.com, wholesalers had a choice of two software ‘solutions.’

Both of which have technical and financial inadequacies. Both of which are based on software that tries to be ‘all things to all men’ or ‘jack of all trades and master of none.’

Quickbooks Stack - software Frankensteins

A mash-up of Quickbooks (or other) accounting software and 3rd party applications. These combinations of different applications are temperamental, duplicate critical data, and definitely won't scale.

Wholesale owners become reliant on the vested technical knowledge of their workers.

Because most wholesalers lack dedicated IT expertise, this precludes adapting these mash-ups or researching better alternatives to improve operations.

Vendor support and consulting teams are generalists who lack a deep understanding of wholesale or a specific niche, i.e. Home Decor.

Netsuite or other ‘ERP software’ - dollar-eating dinosaurs.

ERP software infers ‘One system’, and is generally perceived as the logical step up from software Frankensteins.

However, most ERP software is costly to implement and operate.

It’s designed to be used by multiple industries and, as a result, is overwhelmingly complicated.

Wholesale owners become reliant on the vested technical knowledge of their workers.

Only expensive consultants can adapt ERP software.

Vendor support and consulting teams are generalists who lack a deep understanding of wholesale or a specific niche, i.e. Home Decor.