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Crush Faire Orders with the #1 back office for wholesale

At your convenience, we’ll swiftly get you at ease with our solution and streamline your orders.
Automatically import Faire Orders, Shipment requirements, Commission, and Payment fee deductions.
Update stock levels and product details in Faire.
Effortlessly reconcile Faire Payments and Deductions to update Accounting.
Streamline Faire Request Commission Changes

Automatically Import Order Details

Besides customer and SKU details, Faire orders contain divergent information, like shipment requirements, commission, and payment fee deductions. We ensure that it’s imported, stored, and dealt with.


Accurate stock in real-time

Every Faire order affects your free stock. We ensure that your stock levels in Faire and your inventory are always current.


Automate and streamline fulfillment

From the moment it arrives, every order imported from Faire can be automatically approved, allocated stock, and sent for picking, packing, and shipping.

Your customers can also immediately track the status and journey of their orders.


Reconcile Payments and Deductions

Faire’s charges affect your net revenue and profitability. We record the breakdown of these balances, make it effortless for you to reconcile bank records, and ensure your accounting is always accurate and current.


Swiftly resolve Commission errors

We’ve simplified dealing with Faire’s Commission Change process.

If the Faire Customer doesn’t exist or can’t be matched with an existing customer, our system creates and tags a new record.

This helps you quickly identify mistakes and send Faire requests to sort.


Update Product Details

You can store every detail about your SKUs in the Salesorder Item Masters, including categories and tags. With just a couple of clicks, you can update Faire.


We're aligning with the Faire Software RoadMap

We're adding new capabilities to streamline your Faire orders. If there's a feature you need, talk to us. Use the Contact form below to get in touch.

Automate your Faire ‘back-office’ for 5-star reviews, better marketplace visibility, and more sales

Personal Invitation from Nick

Work with me to perfect the best marketplace back office for growing wholesalers

I want to perfect our system to make it easy for you to exploit every marketplace opportunity.

Faire is just one of dozens of marketplaces offering opportunities to increase brand visibility and sales.

They all mean more work for you. I want to eliminate the time, effort, and financial sacrifice so that you can choose your market, connect, and start selling in minutes.

The software you need is not good enough or doesn’t exist. I want to fix this.

I’m personally inviting you to tell me about your challenges and ideas. I promise to listen and create the solution.

Just leave your email address, and I’ll contact you in person.

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How much do you charge for the Faire integration?

$0, it’s included in your system.

We’re interested. Contact us on our Contact page. If the business case is compelling, we’ll implement it immediately.

We’re interested. Contact us on our Contact page. If the business case is compelling, we’ll implement it immediately.

While you’re here, we are working on a ‘universal marketplace connection,’ which we aim to release in Q3 2024. The connection you need might be in this development. Let’s talk!