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Automation where and when it’s needed to eliminate repetition, wasted time, and effort

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How does automation work?

Software automation uses triggers to make actions happen—for example, an event like a new order from a sales channel. Or the detection of a status change on a transaction, such as a shipment changing from picked to ready to ship.

Rules in the software direct the course of action. They tell the automation what work to do and how and when to do it.

Accelerate Queues, Automation Rules

What’s a Queue?

Think of your team’s work as a list of tasks or, in our terms, a Queue of tasks. Software automation performs tasks faster and more accurately than humans.

For example, reviewing a list of sales orders to make sure each order matches customer expectations.

Or organizing a list of shipments so they are processed in the best possible way.

Or creating and sending out invoices.

Or even purchase orders.

These are simple examples. I’m sure you can think of queues of work in your operations.

What’s a Rule?

The work done on each queue can be codified into rules.

For example, a rule for an order queue might be:

  • Check the sales order customer, e.g., classification = Gold.
  • Check the sales order conditions, e.g., expected date, priority, etc.
  • Check the time of day.
  • Check the order value.
  • Check the stock availability.

Based on the outcome, place the order at the front of the queue to allocate and ship.

These rules can be codified and presented to the automation, which will efficiently manage and do the work in the queues when and how you need it done.

Where and how you need it

Salesorder was built from the ground up to be customizable and automated. Wherever there is repetition or any kind of work that can automated, our software can be quickly adapted to automate one or multiple tasks.

Automation performs tasks faster and more accurately than humans. This means your team has more time to dedicate to more complex work.

Done for you quickly

We collaborate daily with wholesaler teams to identify time-consuming bottlenecks or opportunities to reduce or eliminate manual work.

We have dozens of automation examples to share, and we’re ready to help you add automation to your system.

The infrastructure for automation is built into Salesorder, which means we can quickly codify the automation you need in days.

Customized Automation Anywhere


What are your thoughts on using robots in warehouses?

We think affordable robots replacing pickers is imminent. We have curated research about ‘supply chain’ robotics developments, and we’re continuously tracking the most significant breakthroughs.

Our goal is to pinpoint affordable and reliable robots, introduce them to you and incorporate them into Salesorder.

We’re happy to share our knowledge, and explore the possibilities with you. Just get in touch using the Contact button on the main menu.