B2B Ecommerce Software

Versatile B2B ecommerce software: a better alternative to Shopify Plus.

Per year
The Trade Acceleration Portal (TAP) is an adaptable B2B ecommerce platform built into Salesorder.com.

Unlike Shopify Plus
, it costs $0 and requires zero integration, and you can quickly and easily customize the customer experience yourself.
*No credit card required
Present a beautiful B2B catalog with live stock levels. No web designer is needed.
Connect your customers, reps, and mobile sales teams. Stop paying for messy connectors, expensive B2B software, and web designers.
Customers enter / track orders, and pay invoices with Card or ACH (lowest fees). Eliminate order entry time and effort.
Salespeople scan and track orders, and view SKU availability at Trade Shows and on the road. No order writing or staying late.

Versatile B2B ecommerce software

Online for your customers

Online for your sales reps

Online for your sales teams

Web pages are made of blocks

Stare at any website or online store page for a few moments, and you’ll realize each page is an arrangement of blocks.

Each block incorporates a design and a specific purpose. It presents text, an image, or both and might contain a button or a link, all of which have a design style.

Pre-built Blocks get your store up and running fast

The TAP offers a core set of pre-built Blocks. These let you build your pages quickly. The TAP Theme is an arrangement of these Blocks and gives you a head start for building your store.

It takes just a few minutes to learn how to configure the design of a Block and populate it with your content.

You simply drag your blocks to arrange them and build your page.

Get a head start with TAP Themes 

A TAP Theme determines the overarching design style of all pages and their blocks. 

Themes specify the page layouts, backgrounds, color palettes, headers and footers, positioning, sizing, and typography. These elements reflect your brand.
You can use an off-the-shelf Theme, or we can design and build one for you.

Significant cost and agility benefits that you won't get from multivendor integrations

The TAP and its Blocks are part of the Salesorder core, this means current and future functionality and data in the main app can be quickly exposed and exploited in the TAP. 

This gives TAP owners significant cost and agility benefits that will never be present in multivendor integrations.

How to build your B2B store

How to build a compelling B2B store, with minimal time and effort, for zero cost.

Comprehensive B2B ecommerce software

Customers browse, place and track their orders, and pay invoices (not call or email)

Without Equal: Comprehensive, joined up and elegant. 

Out of the box, this is a joined up B2B ecommerce platform that has no equal. In one system, we’ve combined, B2B ecommerce, CRM, Order and Inventory management, Multicurrency Accounting, and vivid Reporting.

A Price List for every Customer

When your Customer is logged in to the TAP they will only see the SKUs and Prices that are specific to them.

Catalog > Product Page > Basket > Order > Track > Pay

When customer’s browse your catalog, or place and track their order, or pay their invoices, it’s all done in one elegantly joined up system with one database.

Do you have stock of…?

Depending upon how you roll, you can configure to what level of detail your customer see’s your stock availability. You can show them what quantity is ‘In Transit’ and ‘In Stock’.

Where’s my Order?

Your Customers can see information about every step of their order’s journey, including, what’s being picked, packing documents, and of course shipment tracking details.

Please pay your Invoice(s)

We’ve tracked down and connected the lowest cost payment vendor with the best customer service to process your ACH and Payment card transactions.

You can validate and store cards, and pre-authorize or capture payments in the TAP.

Customers can view their balances, the constituent Invoices and (Credit Notes). They can complete payment and view a history of payments.

B2B ecommerce also means orders can be captured by your team and 3rd party Sales Reps on mobile devices whilst they’re on the road or at Trade shows.

Assign Customers to Reps

Your 3rd Party Reps or your Sales staff can securely view and enter orders for customers that are assigned to them. 

Reps can check stock availability, enter and track orders, view customer credit status and balances.

Accelerate Order capture with barcode scanners

No more writing orders and staying late to enter them into ‘back office’ software.

For less than $50.00, you can purchase barcode scanners that connect wirelessly to the TAP.

Scan the SKU barcodes and the Product is placed in the Basket.

Work with Payment Cards

Your mobile sales people can store and validate customer payment cards, process an authorization or capture payment.

Commission calculation and tracking

Because there is no synchronisation, Orders captured, and Invoices paid in the TAP are immediately present in the ‘back office’. Therefore the commission rules are instantly applied.

Versatile B2B ecommerce software

Mobile Sales (Reps and Staff) sell quicker

Multicurrency B2B ecommerce software

International B2B ecommerce included

Because Salesorder has built in enterprise grade accounting, managing and trading in multiple currencies is straightforward. 

Customers are assigned a trading currency so all of their transactions are happen in their chosen currency.

With ZERO monthly fees, TAP is a better alternative to overpriced Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an overpriced shopping cart. Shopify has added a few extra features to their ‘Advanced’ version and multiplied the monthly cost at least eight times.

You must still find, buy, or build an integration to connect your Shopify Plus cart to your back office systems. And the chances are whatever integration you select will have mismatches, so functions in your back-office software can’t work with your Shopify cart functions and visa versa.

Our Trade Acceleration Portal (TAP) is free and part of your Salesorder system, which means zero integration hassle, zero costs, and a harmonious system.

Why Shopify Plus and its competitors will force you to change your back-office software

The downstream cost benefits of one seamless system are underestimated by EVERYONE, but they are significant.

The B2B ecommerce arms race is just getting started, and you must ask yourself, “Will my back office software keep up?” (from where I’m standing, the answer is definitely no. The ERP and accounting system vendors won’t and can’t keep up.).

You’ll definitely have to invest in a better back-office application in the future.

B2B Ecommerce: Value versus Pricing - grab your calculator.

Shopify Plus is just a shopping cart with rudimentary inventory management.

Salesorder.com is one complete system, specifically designed for wholesalers who want to manage and optimize their entire sales, fulfillment, accounting, and reporting. B2B ecommerce is included.

Which one is better value? Shopify Plus or Salesorder.com?

Shopify Plus store will cost you at least $2,300 per month. Shopify forces you to pay an annual subscription fee of 12 x $2,300. So you’re paying $27,600 whether you like it or not. You are locked in for 12 months; there is no break clause.

Salesorder.com fees are simple: you pay us monthly in arrears ⅓ of 1% (0.33%) of your last month's revenue. That’s $3,300 a year if your annual revenue is $1M, which is approximately $275 per month, depending upon your season. Our subscription agreement is monthly.

Now grab your calculator

Look at your last 12 months' revenue by month. Multiply your monthly income by 0.33%. This is what you could be paying for a complete system to optimize your entire operation, including your B2B ecommerce.

Good value?

Value and Peace of Mind

Launch or replicate your current B2B store in days for $0.00.
No more expensive Shopify Plus. No web designer fees.
No more phone calls, emails, or writing orders.

Built-in B2B ecommerce software built to scale and futureproof

No integration. No extra cost. No limits.

Why built-in B2B Ecommerce is better for you, now and in the long run.

Because B2B ecommerce is part of Salesorder.com’s core architecture, there are no additional costs and integration. So you won’t suffer any of the problems highlighted below.

Integration means:

Implementation and operating costs are unavoidable.

Performance and dispirit data issues – Shopify Plus and Netsuite have individual databases that must always be reliably synchronized. Syncing always negatively impacts store performance and leads to dispirit data.

The full benefit of both systems, their current and future features, and innovations cannot be exploited. 

This is because features of both systems must be built together and work in harmony now and in the future. This means both software vendors must be committed to always being on the same page. This will never happen (even if they were part of the same corporation). 

Access learn.salesorder.com.

Enrol in self paced short courses to learn and try out our complete B2B ecommerce enabled software for wholesaler optimization.


What does TAP stand for?

TAP stands for Trade Acceleration Portal.

The TAP is included in your monthly throughput fee.

As many as you need, there’s no charge!

The TAP was built to be customized. We love suggestions and ideas to improve the TAP. Please get in touch with support@salesorder.com to discuss your requirements. We’ll quote you a fair price or even add the functionality for free based on what you need.

Yes it can!

Yes you can!

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