ERP Usability – Why It’s Important?

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erp usability
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are at the heart of any successful wholesale business. They provide a platform for managing everything from inventory and sales to finances and customer relationships.

A usable ERP software is a user-friendly system that helps the management of wholesale operations. The usability of an ERP system can determine the efficiency and productivity of your wholesale business.

In this guide, we highlight why ERP system usability is important for wholesalers.
erp usability

Understanding ERP System

An ERP software for wholesalers is a centralized platform that manages all core business processes. It handles tasks like inventory tracking, order management, and financial management.

ERP integration streamlines wholesale operations by unifying different processes into a single system. This promotes efficiency and accurate operations management. It also enhances decision-making capabilities by providing real-time data across the entire business.

Enjoying the benefits of an ERP system depends on the useability of the software. A usable ERP system is straightforward, easy to use, and has an intuitive design. Understanding the features of a usable ERP system will help you make the best choice for your wholesale business.

Factors That Make an ERP Usable

We highlight the essential features of a useable ERP software:


To make an ERP system easy to use, it needs to be simple to navigate. You should not need technical expertise to use and navigate your ERP.

Here’s what the ERP system should have:

Intuitive Interface

The interface of an ERP system is where users interact with it. The design should be clear, easy to understand, and direct. A straightforward interface allows employees to complete their jobs quickly.

Consistent Design and Terminology

A user-friendly ERP system should be consistent. This means employing consistent symbols and terminology while maintaining a logical organization. This eliminates the need for users to remember different methods for similar tasks.

Good Search Function

A good ERP system has an intuitive search function. This easy navigation saves time and makes using the ERP system less frustrating.


The ERP system should integrate with other third-party systems. This includes everything from CRM software to financial management systems. Seamless integration is crucial as it streamlines data flow and improves total usability.

A well-integrated ERP system can also offer a comprehensive overview of your business. You can check inventory, sales, finances, and customer interactions all in one place. This complete view makes it easier for you to make informed decisions and plan strategically, driving your business forward.


Each wholesale business is unique and has different needs. For ERP software to be useable, it needs to offer customization processes. This will allow your wholesale business to tailor the ERP system to your specific needs.

Customization can take many forms. It could entail adding new features tailored to your operations. For example, your wholesale business might need a feature for tracking product seasonality in your inventory management software.

Customization could also mean modifying the ERP system’s layout to align with your workflow better. In some cases, it might involve integrating third-party software for expanded capabilities.

Task Completion

A user-friendly ERP system streamlines task completion, boosting efficiency in daily operations.

We highlight the features that can aid task completion:

  • Workflow Automation: Workflow automation reduces manual labor by automating routine tasks. It can set triggers for certain actions based on predefined conditions. This automation saves time and reduces the potential for human error, enhancing productivity.
  • Task Management: Task management features in an ERP system help organize and track work within a wholesale business. They allow for assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and adjusting schedules. These features help keep tasks on track.


Accessibility is a crucial factor in ERP usability. Whether users are in the office, warehouse, or on the road, they should be able to access the system. This allows users to stay connected, informed, and productive.

ERP software that offers mobile adaptability is particularly important. This enables users to stay connected and informed when they are out of the office. This is especially beneficial for employees who need to access real-time data on the go, like warehouse managers.


ERP usability is also dependent on its scalability. A scalable ERP system can adapt to the needs of a growing business. This means the system’s performance and efficiency should remain unaffected by any expansion or growth.

Why is Usability Important?

ERP usability issues can lead to operational and management problems in your business. These issues can affect the performance and profitability of your business.

We outline why your wholesale business should choose a usable ERP system:


A user-friendly ERP system can boost efficiency. An easy-to-navigate ERP software allows for faster information location. This can speed up task completion and improve the efficiency of your wholesale operations.

Improved efficiency in wholesale operations can also reduce expenses. By automating tasks and streamlining processes, a user-friendly ERP system optimizes resource use. This enhanced efficiency leads to reduced labor costs and minimized errors, which can lead to cost savings.

Business Productivity

A usable wholesale ERP system plays a crucial role in boosting productivity levels. The intuitive interface, streamlined workflows, and access to information can empower operations optimization. This leads to increased productivity across the organization, driving business growth.


Good usability allows for effective collaboration among team members. A wholesale ERP system enables employees to share and access data throughout the business. With intuitive interfaces and real-time updates, users can communicate more efficiently and make informed decisions.

User Satisfaction

ERP usability also affects user satisfaction. If users find a system difficult to use, they may resist using it or make mistakes, which can lead to frustration. A user-friendly ERP system is intuitive and straightforward, which can increase user satisfaction and foster a more positive work environment.

Adoption and Training

A user-friendly ERP system is easier to adopt and requires less training. This can save time and valuable resources. A useable ERP software is also more likely to be used effectively, increasing the return on your ERP investment.

Data Accuracy

Good ERP system usability also promotes data accuracy. With intuitive interfaces and efficient workflows, users are less likely to make errors during data entry or retrieval. This leads to more accurate and reliable data.

An intuitive ERP system ensures easy access to accurate data. When information is organized and accessible, users can find the data they need without confusion or delays. This accessibility reduces the reliance on incorrect information, enabling decision-making on accurate data.

Empowering Wholesalers with an Intuitive ERP System

Salesorder offers usable ERP software designed for wholesalers, supporting the optimization of operations.

Our ERP software is intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable. It integrates with various other systems, reducing manual tasks and increasing data accuracy. The accessible and mobile-adaptive design means you can manage your business anytime, anywhere.

With our ERP system, you can learn our software in days and deploy it in weeks. This quick integration ensures you can immediately start benefiting from our usable ERP system. We also provide full training and support to assist you every step of the way.

Get in touch to start optimizing your wholesale business with our ERP software.

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